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Disc Golf Course in Grayling MI

Disc Golf is rapidly becoming a popular sport that originated out of Frisbees®. It started out with Frisbee lovers just aiming at anything that was available to practice accuracy and skill level. Disc Golf really caught on and evolved into a more structured sport, similar to a golf. Players use specially-made discs designated for disc golf and aim for the hole which is on a pole suspended off the ground by chains. The “holes” or “baskets” are referred to as disc pole holes. The object of the sport is similar to golf and the object is to get your disk in the hole, or basket, with the fewest throws possible. Player with the fewest throws wins. Courses range from 9 to 24 holes and can be played at more than 2,500 courses across the United States. Disc Golf is a great sport for any age or skill level. The sport has become so popular it has gone pro with hundreds of sanctioned tournaments worldwide.

Disc Golf Course
Source: Hanson Hills Recreation Authority

Hanson Hill Recreation Authority is now offering two Disc Golf courses. Both courses were established and funded by the Grayling Rotary Club. The fee to play is by suggested donation of $2 which players can leave at the donation tube located at the starting hole.

Disc Golf Courses in Grayling MI

1. Rotary PDGA Course(AKA. “The Hill Course”):  Was established in 2010 and was Funded by the Grayling Rotary Club. It features 24 championship style holes that plays up and over our Ski Hill. Course features a lot of elevation and just over 2 miles of terrain (assuming  you stay on the fairway).  Bring plenty of water and a snack!!  A $2 Donation is recommended for course play. Donation Tube is Located at Hole 1.

2. Rotary Pine Knoll Course (AKA “The Short Course”):  Was established in 2011 and was funded by the Grayling Rotary Club and The Hanson Hills Disc Golf Club. The Course features 18 holes that can be played from White or Blue Tee pads giving you a variety of play.  Walking distance of the course is 1.25 miles and terrain is flat.  A $2 Donation is recommended for course play. Donation Tube is Located at Hole 1.

Disc Golfers
Source: Hanson Hills Recreation Authority