Because there's no snow yet, I took a walk with my sister around one of Crawford County's state campgrounds. It's more fun than working out on the elliptical. As you might guess, the campground is pretty empty this time of year. There were a couple of men with their dogs enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures, having some lunch, and enjoying watching the river flow past. I sit typing this, also watching the river, some squirrels at my feeders and listening to an odd assortment of John Denver, Josh Groban's Christmas music, Neil Diamond and Jim Stafford. I think I’m giving away my age. I'm in a little cleared out spot at my dining room table next to my currently unlit Christmas tree. Why isn't it lit? Because it's cold sitting by the window, and if I have the lights on, my computer charging, and a small electric heater running, it pops off my circuit breaker. Don't judge me, my house is old. And I might have a lot of lights on my tree.


But I digress. We had a nice conversation and continued our walk. There were a couple more cars parked down further, and one friendly bearded gent with a couple more hunting dogs. I could see what looked like a tent in the distant campsite, away from vehicle access. Dare I mention that he had a long white beard? No, not going there, I don't see Santa as the hunting type. I imagine he's pretty busy this time of year, anyway.


It was a nice walk, although it did get a bit chilly, and I had to have my sister help me zip up my winter coat because the zipper was being stubborn. I also broke down and put on a light pair of mittens. All my winter coats – and I have a number of them – have mittens in the pockets. You never know when you’re going to have cold hands, and I’m always forgetting to grab a pair on my way out the door.